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In effect, it becomes what you use it for

, Numbers, Pages, and so on) Image titled Convert a File Into PDF Step 21 2 Open your documentDouble-click the document you want to convert to open it in its program

silmarillion pdf

Image titled Convert a File Into PDF Step 22 3 Click FileThis is in the upper-left corner of the screenA drop-down menu will appear

silmarillion pdf

Image titled Convert a File Into PDF Step 23 4 Click PrintIt's in the File drop-down menu

silmarillion pdf

Doing so opens the Print window

Don't be alarmed if you don't have a printer attached to your computer—you're not actually going to print anythingWindows then uses the default PDF reader app to open and load the file

You can also select the "Open with" option that appears when you right-click a PDF in Windows to manually select the program you prefer to use to open the PDFAlternatively, you can drag the PDF file and drop it in a web browser window such as Chrome or Edge and open it there

Lastly, you can use the specific PDF reader's "File" menu and locate the "Open" option to load the PDF directlyOpen PDF File Online Websites that let you open a PDF file online and edit it without installing anything on your computer or changing Windows settings are also options

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