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ilovepdf editar pdf

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Note: Formatting and other related options are displayed in the right-hand pane

Note: If you install any third-party plug-ins, set these preferences using Third-Party PreferencesAcrobat preferences dialog box Documents preferences Open Settings Restore Last View Settings When Reopening Documents: Determines whether documents open automatically to the last viewed page within a work session

ilovepdf editar pdf

Open Cross-document Links In Same Window: Closes the current document and opens the document being linked to in the same window, minimizing the number of windows openIf the document being linked to is already open in another window, the current document is not closed when you click a link to the open documentIf you do not select this option, a new window opens each time you click a link to a different document

ilovepdf editar pdf

Allow Layer State To Be Set By User Information: Allows the author of a layered PDF document to specify layer visibility based on user informationAllow Documents To Hide The Menu Bar, Toolbars, And Window Controls: Allows the PDF to determine whether the menu bar, toolbar, and window controls are hidden when the PDF is opened

ilovepdf editar pdf

Always use filename as document title: Allows you to use the filename as the document title

(Not selected by defaultIn the Import As Layer dialog box, select Browse and locate the file to import

If the source file is a multipage document, enter the page number you want to import in Page NumberIf the target file is a multipage document, specify the Target Page Number in the Preview section of the dialog box

Select one of the following import options: Create New Layer Creates a single, separate layer from the source documentEnter a name for the new layer

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